.:F u u . i n . t h e . M a n g a:.

This section is about the manga version of Fuu. The Manga was created by a group of women called CLAMP. CLAMP has a very unique style of drawing, and their color illustrations are brilliant. I really hold them in high regard!
In the Manga (comic), I see Fuu as a sweet, smart, and innocent girl. When Hikaru is sad about not having enough change to continue using the binoculars, Fuu gave her some of her own change to use. Fuu is generous and caring, and really cares about her friends and family (which consists of her father, mother, and older sister). She seems willing to sacrifice herself for her loved ones in order to keep peace. Fuu is very intellegent, however, she oftens tends to state the obvious! But she is really quite a little strategist, and has helped the Magic Knights out of many predicaments. This is just my opinion, but Fuu-chan seems like she has a little bit of sadness inside of her. If you have seen Sailormoon and know who
Ami is, I think Fuu also may have been shunned like Ami because of her intellgence. But Fuu actually has hobbies other than studying, so maybe she has some other friends...but I just think that Fuu has some hidden hurt inside.

Now, on to how Fuu's looks describe her! Her elements being Earth and Wind, I think her looks suit her well. She wears a lot of green, which matches her eyes ^_^ and contrasts well to her hair. Her hair curls, looking like wind. In the Manga, it's a yellow-ish blonde, whereas in the Anime it's almost brown. She wears glasses, giving her a very clear-headed look.

I really like Fuu. She is sorta like me, except I'm not smart and I'm oh-so-clumsy! ^_^