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Here's Fuu's Reviews, the section where I review...stuff! This part of the site is totally interactive, and even though it's an old idea, it's always new when it's from someone else! Eh heh...I sound like a kindergarten teacher on dope...anyway, I'll review books, videos, foods, and whatever else you can think up*! Just choose what product review you'd like to see below, and enjoy my blatant opinions! If you want to send an item for me to review, please direct yourself to the form.

*Will only review appropriate products. So don't send me nominations for Playboy magazines, XXX videos, tampons, and the like. Also, some reviews may not be able to be fulfilled due to budjet limits...^^ Most videos I will be renting from my local comic shop, which has almost every video made ^^, and books will be mainly maintained form libraries. So, gomen nasai if I can't review a product!

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