30 facts

1. I'm a girl (I REALLY hoped you figured that out...)
2. I have had my computer for 11 months
3. I have 16 pets
4. However, I don't live on a farm
5. I am over-opinionated
6. I'm scared of the tree outside my window
7. I'm a hypocrite
8. I tend to unbutton my shirts in the night
9. I've only stayed the whole night at a sleepover twice
10. Sugar does bad things to my brain
11. I always get along with Brittanys
12. However, I hate Britney Spears
13. I love little kids
14. I hate people that pick their noses
15. I hate liars
16. I hate slutty posers
17. I hate people who think that they're better than everyone
18. I hate perverts
19. I hate kiss-ups
20. I love strawberries
21. I love fall
22. I love friends
23. I love Herbal Essences
24. I love laughing
25. I love weirdness
26. I love comics
27. I love knowing I'm more than halfway done
28. I hate knowing I have a long way to go
29. Roses are my favorite flower
30. I love to draw