I was born in a Presbyterian Hospital in California on April 20th, 1988, around 6:30 PM. At the type, I had black hair and blue eyes. After a few weeks, I "evolved" and had blonde hair and green eyes. I still do. I lived in an apartment in LA for a while before moving to a smaller community and a bigger house. I had a dog then named Samantha. She's 12 years old now, and is a little senile, but she's still alive, loathing my presence. Anyway, I lived happily in California until my parents decided we were moving to Colorado. I was 2 then. Soon after we moved, a had my 3rd birthday. I remember screaming and crying about how being 3 wouldn't be the same as being 2.

I continued on happily until I went to pre-school when I was four. I hated that pre-school. The teachers were mean, the activities were bizarre, and they MADE you swim naked. *barf* However, I made my first friend, Hannah, and we're still friends now. I then went to kindergarten, which I ADORED. My teacher was awesome, and I got my first boyfriend. O_o We broke up though, after an argument about him taking things from Mother Nature. (He had took some clay from my backyard). However, I made another friend named Audra, and I continued on to 1st grade. FIRST GRADE WAS AWESOME. My teacher was soo cool!!!!! Anyway, first grade was fun, but then I found out we were moving back to California. It was not good. 3 days in a stuffy car with all my belongings scrunched in wherever they fit. Icky. Anyway, I then went to 2nd grade.

2nd grade SUCKED!!!! My teacher didn't understand the stress I was going through with the move. She intead sent me to a counselor. -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;; However, I loved the counselor, and I got to miss PE to be counselled!!! However, I didn't understand the point of the counselor. When something was wrong, I wouldn't tell her. The main thing that was wrong was the bitch friend I had named Jessie. THAT GIRL WAS A FREAKIN' BITCH!!!!!!!!!! She used me. She used me for her enjoyment and then I got in trouble. I think she was a lesbian, too. She seemed to be infatuated with me...however, she would do such horrible things. She would tell people to be mean to me, burst in on me when I was in the bathroom, swear like there was no tomorrow, and wouldn't let me play with anyone BUT her. One girl in my class named Emma wanted to be my friend, and the feeling was mutual. However, when I asked Jessie if I could play with Emma, Jessie told me no. Emma then went up and said, "Listen, JESSICA, you don't own Angie!" Yeah! Go Emma! Jessie backed down and I was free! FREE!!

3rd grade was a mess of changing emotions. Yep, the begginings of pubescence. And that meant FIGHTS! I made a friend, another girl came and tried to take my friend away from me, bada boom bada bing. That went on for the whole year and part of 4th grade, speaking of which, 4th grade sucked. My teacher gave me work that was meant for pre-schoolers. I wasn't happy.

But then...God shone upon me, and 5th grade came. THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!!!!! The work was hard, the classroom was nice (except for a girl named Tirzah who couldn't accept that she was wrong...but that's another story.) Overall, a good year.

And now, the present. 6th grade. Same teacher. Cool friends. I'm happy.