I hate Sailormoon. Now, now, you're probably thinking, "huh? that doesn't make sense. She has a webpage, and goes by Sailor Musashi!" Well, my friends, let me tell you something. Sailormoon has been over for 4 years. 4 FRIGGIN' YEARS. Uh-huh. And STILL, there's all this hype about it! I mean, it's not even the best anime! It's just about a stupid girl who transforms into an outfit which is a shorter, more tacky version of her school uniform, and uses corny powers. "But wait!" you say. "You like Magical Project S!!" True. But Magical project S is a parody. It has REAL humor. Sailormoon's humor hardly made me laugh. It's just so damn CORNY!! And I'm not just talking about the DiC version. It's both. But maybe it's not so much the show as it is the FANS of the show. They make such a goddamn deal over NOTHING! I mean, I used to purposely be rude to fans of the DiC version, even if they were nice and could type legibly. And I flamed people who thought Haruka and Michiru WEREN'T lesbians. Well, now I've come to reason. WHO GIVES A RAT'S ASS? If they don't support lesbianism, fine with them. I personally think that they ARE, but if you don't want to believe it then it's just your problem. If you liked hacked up, corny, and pointless versions of shows, fine. But for God's sake, DON'T INSULT AN OPINION! People can believe what they want!! Also: fans who ask pointless questions, over, and over, and OVER. I used to be in contact with this one girl named Arianna. She first asked me the code for adopting a Chibi-game Senshi at my page. That was fine. Then she asked if she could adopt all of them. I said yes. She asked again. I said yes. She asked again. I began to lose my temper. And she kept asking if the Japanese episodes were shown on TV. NO!!!! Again and again, she asked. But the thing that annoyed me most was that she couldn't type. She wrote Rei Riea. And it wasn't a typo. ALL THE TIME. And she wrote in one sentence without proper capitalization. Here's an example: hi i'm arianna and do u no if thay showe jepinses esipode on us tv do thay do thay do thay do thay i like salior mun and mani riea. UGH!!!!!! The Sailormoon community was so ignorant, so dimwitted, so friggin' STUPID! And the smart fans I'd come across were mainly getting interested in other anime. Good for them! Sailormoon isn't the best anime, anyway. The animation quality is terrible, the filler episodes annoying, and the endings sappy. The manga is better, but being translated by Mixx with it's TYPED IN text just misses the mark. And then everyone talks about what Naoko said. "Naoko said there was a prince Uranus". "Naoko is "lesbien" because she wrote about 2 "lesbien" characters". UGH!! And then SOS. Pure evil. They made many ignorant fans who spouted out false information. Die SOS. Burn in hell. Anyway, I don't nessessarily hate Sailormoon itself, it just bothers me that so many "Moonies" (HENTAI!!!! >_<) are so dumb. Anyway, to all you "Moonies", please watch other anime. Evangelion (maybe not for you kiddies...but hey, I saw it when I was 9!). Escaflowne (13-up). Fushigi Yuugi (11-up). Magical Project S (5-up). Heck, even Pokémon!! They did a better job dubbing, and the fans aren't half as assholes... Anyway, if you want to flame me for my opinion. Go ahead. I'll post it and ridicule you. If you have a website, I'll tell all to sign the Guestbook flaming YOU. Ha ha! Also, I can announce you are pure ass-bred trash for insulting an opinion. Anyway, enough of my ranting for now. Don't underestimate 11-year-olds like myself. Many cuss, have a wide vocabulary, and have a brain. So there. =P