Ever have the feeling that the world is against you? That nothing seems to go right? That PMS isn't the only reason for your pissiness? I hate those days. It happens often. One recent occurrence shall be told now. I got up and was very tired. Of course, parents don't give a crap if you're tired, so they make you get up anyway. I was very pissy, being half asleep, so of course I'd have a slight attitude. Of course, since parents are dumb and don't realize that almost everything is their fault, they scream at you that you're giving them a bunch of snotty attitude and start the day off with clouds over your head. I then go to school, (late of course) and am greeted by a substitute teacher. The teacher seems nice, but then a boy pokes a pencil in your arm. That was because I hit him (NOT hard) When he threw my pencil halfway across the room. I tell the sub of my small injury, and at first she's on my side. Then that bastard of a boy makes up a fake story and I get in trouble. The teacher now shows a strong dislike for me, and what's worse, I have to have the bitch for a whole week. When she's reading, she always stops the story to make sure we know what a word means. ANNOYING! And she's just a plain bitch, and on my way home I wished that she would have a nice day and burn in hell. I get home and have to finish 3 PACKETS for school. Not nice. No internet time, so I end up cooped up in my room getting carpet burn on my elbows and knees for 5 hours. Then I have to skip soccer to finish up the packets. My mom comes home from work in a bad mood, and I can't fall asleep. Life sucks sometimes, don't you agree?