The Legend of Sailor Zeus
By Musashi


In a distant galaxy called Arcania, a war was about to end. The evil Kuros had triumphed over the Kin’iro nation, and the planet of Zeus was losing its power.

“Daughter…” Queen Shu*da murmured. Princess Zechara flinched as her mother spoke her last words.

“There is…another galaxy, and in it…a planet called Earth. On Earth…there is a group of girls…the Sailor Senshi. The leader…Sailor Moon has a crystal, which can…” Shu*da was silent.

“Which can…?” Zechara prodded. There was no answer. She flung herself onto her mother and wept. Her tear crystallized around her, and, to her surprise, she was teleported to Earth.

Chapter One

“Mako-chan…Mako-chan?! What do you have in your lunch?” Usagi asked.

“Something which you’re not going to eat.” Makoto retorted.

“Besides, Usagi,” Rei said. “Her food’s not good enough for you!”

“Rei, stop!” Ami and Minako said in unison.

Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako were having a picnic to celebrate their 5th anniversary of knowing each other. Little did they know a new Senshi was headed their way…

“Hey, Usagi. Look at that girl over there.” Makoto whispered. “She’s taller than I am!”

“Oh…and hey! She has hair like me!” Usagi replied.

“She looks lonely.” Ami pointed out.

“Yeah. Hey, let’s invite her over here!” Minako suggested. And that’s what they did.

“Hey, Blondie!” Rei yelled. Zechara looked up. Rei motioned for her to join them.

“Hey, ya wanna eat with us?” Usagi asked.

“Sure.” Zechara replied.

“What’s your name?” Makoto asked.

“I’m…” Zechara said. She knew those girls would suspect something if she told them her real name. “I’m…I’m Zoe. And you guys are…”

“I’m Usagi,”

“I’m Ami,”

“I’m Rei,”

“I’m Makoto,”

“And I’m Minako!”

“Oh, well, hi!” Zoe greeted. Something about these girls…could they be…the Sailor Senshi!?

“Hey, Zoe! Do you want, um, anything to eat?” Makoto asked. Zoe took a rice cake. All of a sudden, she froze, dropped the rice cake, turned around and kicked a dangerous looking man right between the eyes! He fell to the ground with a loud thud.

“Wow…” Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako gasped in unison. Zoe calmly sat back down and continued to nibble on her rice cake.

“Rei?” Ami whispered. “Rei? Did you see that?! She sensed that man was behind us! She can sense things, like you!”

“I know!” Rei whispered. “And look! She’s as tall as Makoto, has hair as long as Usagi’s, and she can sense things like me! Could she be…a Sailor Senshi!?”

“Girls!” Luna whispered. “I’m getting really weird vibes from this girl! I think she’s a Sailor Senshi!”

“That’s what we think, too.” Rei said.


“What was that?!” Zoe yelled.

“I don’t know! Zoe, get out of here!” Usagi yelled back. “Now!”

Zoe stuffed the rice cake in her mouth and ran. As she looked back at the girls she left behind, she bumped into something. She looked up and saw it was a youma (demon). It grabbed Zoe by the skirt and threw her across the park. She landed on the ground with a loud thud. Before going unconscious, the symbol of Zeus appeared on her forehead…

All of a sudden, her body started to glow a pale gold. When the glow faded, her clothes had been changed from her normal street clothes to a beautiful Sailor fuku (suit). It was sea green with a gold trim, and the locket in the center of the bow was a diamond fossilized in gold. Her hair had been gathered in a diamond crown and in the center of her forehead was a glowing emerald jewel. Also, the bow on the back of her fuku had flowing pearl-colored ribbons.

Zechara awoke, and was astonished by her transformation. “I’m…a Sailor Senshi?!” she gasped. Before she could blink an eyelash, the youma attacked with a beam of dark energy. It hit her right in the middle of her diamond locket. But amazingly, the energy was absorbed into the locket and turned into positive energy. It then shot out of the locket and hit the youma right in the chest. It fell to the ground, gasping for breath. It soon vanished into a pile of soot.

Just at that moment, Sailors Moon, Mercury and Venus ran into that area of the park. They gasped when they saw Sailor Zeus, a pile of soot at her feet.

“Who…who are…” Sailor Mercury stammered.

Sailor Zeus gasped, then ran.

“Hey! Come back!” the other Senshi yelled. Zeus kept running like there was no tomorrow.

Chapter Two

Zoe squeezed the locket, and she changed back into street clothes. She sank down slowly in the bathroom stall, sweat pouring down her face.

“I’m…a…Sailor…” she said, gulping breaths of air. “Mother…help…” she emerged from the stall. “Please…”

As she burst out of the bathroom door, she crashed into a tall man. He had black hair, blue eyes, and was carrying a bouquet of roses.

“Oh, sorry…” Zoe muttered.

“It’s okay.” The man said, resting his hands on her shoulders. “Just be careful.” He smiled a smile that could make the coldest heart melt. Zoe nodded, eyes wide.

The man walked off. “Those roses were so fragrant…” Zoe sighed. “Earth sure does have it’s share of cute guys!” She then decided to follow him, which, where she came from, was not considered stalking.

The man turned a corner. Zoe casually followed. The man walked up to a house. Zoe hid behind a bush.

“Ding-dong!” rang the doorbell.

“Who is it?” a girl asked. She opened the door. “Mamo-chan! I’m surprised to see you!”

“That voice…” Zoe pondered. “It’s…Usagi’s!”

“Hi. I just thought I’d drop these by.” Mamoru smiled. Usagi took the roses as if they were precious antiques. “Thanks!” The door closed and Mamoru walked off.

“Lucky Usagi.” Zoe pouted. She arose from the bush, which was now almost bare from all it’s leaves sticking to Zoe, and walked off.

On the way to her apartment, Zoe passed a store called: Bob’s Toys. She wiped away a tear. Her daughter, Miranda, had been killed on Zeus. “Well, it may have been a good thing. Here on Earth, to have a kid at my age is bad.” She said, trying to cheer herself up. She stuffed her hands in her pockets and started to kick a rock down the sidewalk. While doing so, she bumped into Minako.

“Oh, hi! I remember you from this afternoon!” Minako greeted.

“Mmm.” Was Zoe’s reply.

“Hey, you seem really depressed. Wanna, like, hang out at my place for a while? My parents wouldn’t mind a bit.” Minako suggested.

“Sure.” Zoe said monotonously. “But first, I have to get my stuff.”

The two girls headed for Zoe’s home. It was a small apartment that needed a paint job. Zoe ran in, grabbed the essentials, and ran out.

“Okay, lets go!” Minako said cheerfully.

“Yeah.” Zoe mumbled.

When they got to Minako’s house, there was a note tacked on the door. It said, “Come to Rei’s. –Haruka.”

“Mom! I’m going to Rei’s, okay?” Minako yelled in the door. Without waiting for a reply, she slammed the door.

“Hey, is Haruka your boyfriend?” Zoe teased. Minako just giggled. An uneasy look then came over her.

“Something wrong?” Zoe asked. Minako shook her head. They started to walk to Rei’s.

“Hey! She lives in that temple?!” Zoe exclaimed.

“Yup.” Minako nodded.

They walked up the temple steps and into a room, which Zoe presumed was Rei’s. It was.

“Hi, Minako! You’re late!” a voice greeted. Zoe looked to see where it was coming from. It was Makoto!

“Oh, hi Zoe!” Ami said, startled.

“Hi, you guys. I remember you from this afternoon.” Zoe said, smiling. “But you three…” Her eyes panned across Rei’s bed where three other people were sitting.

“Oh, sorry, Zoe.” Minako stammered. “These are some of our other friends. Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka.”

Zoe looked at them closer. Setsuna was very tall, had somewhat dark skin, and dark green hair that shimmered. She looks so wise, like a guardian almost… Zoe thought. She then focused on Michiru. She had wavy sea-green hair down to her shoulders, and was very beautiful. She then focused on Haruka, and almost began to drool. He’s…so…CUTE! She thought. What a hunk

“You’re CUTE!” she yelled to Haruka. All the girls blushed, and Michiru looked, well, like she was about to shred Zoe. Haruka smiled, head shaking.

“Wh, what?” Zoe asked. Then she noticed it. Oops. I’m not on Arcania anymore! She muttered to herself.

“Uh, sorry to disappoint you, but…” Haruka took off “his” jacket. Zoe turned as red as a tomato. “Ooopss.” She whispered. “Uh, sorry. Let me guess…you’re not flat, so…you’re a girl?”

“Right.” Haruka laughed. Michiru still looked ready to shred Zoe anytime. Zoe looked down, embarrassed. She then saw two cats.

“Hello, cuties!” She said, petting the black one. “Hey, is it just me, or is that…a crescent moon?”

All of a sudden, to Zoe’s surprise, the cat spoke. “My, my, my. I never thought I would live to see Zechara.”

The Senshi gasped.

“Ze—Zechara?!” Ami gasped.

Zoe, shocked, fainted.

Chapter Three

Awhile later, Zoe awoke to see all the girls hovering over her. She fainted again. She awoke yet again to see herself in Haruka’s arms, with a glass of water that would come down on her face momentarily. It hit her as she was breathing in. She coughed.

“Sorry, Zechara.” Haruka said, flustered.

“It’s...okay…*cough*!” Zoe sputtered. “I swear…I had the strangest dream that Usagi, your cat was talking to me! It told me I was a princess, named--- Haruka, what did you call me?!!!”

“Zechara.” Haruka said plainly. Zoe fainted yet again, but before she did, she said, “This time, forget the water.”

She awoke again, hoping to herself that she would STAY awake.

“You…yo…cat…ta…talked!” Zoe sputtered.

“Yes, Zechara. I am Luna. Guardian of the Moon Kingdom. You, Zechara, are the last Senshi that I thought I would never find. Zechara, you are Sailor Zeus. If you can find the Crystal of Zeus, we will all weld the power of our Crystals together, and it will create…”

“The Crystal of Holy Peace…” A voice said from above. All the other girls and cats gasped as they saw Queen Serenity floating overhead. They then bowed their heads in respect.

“So, Princess,” she said, smiling. “What brings you to Earth?”