You are now at Attacks. (Wow...) This is where you can see and learn about Sailorvenus' stuff. Enjoy!

1. Crescent Beam --Sailorvenus' 1st attack. She points her index finger to the sky, and two Crescent Moons appear on it. She then lowers her arm, puts her other arm on it, and shouts, "CRESCENT...BEAM!"

2. Venus Love Me Chain --Sailorvenus' 2nd attack. She closes her eyes, and a chain of Hearts begin to surround her. She then raises her arm with her thumb, pinky and index finger extended. The chain of Hearts surround her hand, and she lowers her arm, yelling "VENUS, LOVE ME...CHAIN!"

3. Venus Love and Beauty Shock --Sailorvenus' 3rd, and last, attack (Anime). I don't know any Manga ones, so if anyone knows them and would be willing to send me descriptions, I would most definitely give you credit!!! Anways...Venus throws down her hand, saying "VENUS!" The wreath of Venus appears behind her. She then brings her hand to her lips and blows a kiss. The kiss turns into a heart, which Venus grabs and flings towards the Enemy, yelling, "LOVE AND BEAUTY SHOCK!"

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Credit for the Animated Attacks goes to Lycentia