Welcome to the Fuku Section. This section shows the modifications in Sailorvenus' many outfits. Click on the underlined name of the incarnation to view an image! Enjoy!

1. Sailor-V ---This is the very first outfit of Sailorvenus. It is similar to Sailormoon's, but with a few differences. It has a blue Sailor blouse with 3 red stripes. The blouse connects to a red bow with an orange button attaching it. There are then "plate-like" sleeves. She has white gloves with orange trim. Unlike the other Senshi, she doesn't have a bodice with a leotard attached. She just has a bodice with thick red stripes running down the sides. She has a blue pleated skirt. She also has a red mask covering her eyes, and instead of a tiara, a Crescent moon. She has red shoes similar to Sailorvenus'.

2. Sailorvenus ---Sailorvenus' 2nd incarnation. It differs a lot from the Sailor-V outfit, having less stuff. She has an orange Sailor blouse with 1 white stripe. It leads to a blue bow with a gold button. She has a white bodice, which connects to a white leotard. There is a white "connector", then an orange pleated skirt. In the back of the skirt is a gold bow. Her shoes are orange, with small heels and a strap. The only remaining item from the Sailor-V outfit is the white gloves with orange trim.

3. Super Sailorvenus ---Sailorvenus' 3rd incarnation, last in the Anime (TV Show). It is basically the same as Sailorvenus, except the bow in the back is longer, the button on the bow is a Heart, the choker has a star in the middle, and her sleeves have a transperant covering.

4. Star Sailorvenus ---The last incarnation of Sailorvenus, in the Manga (comic). She no longer has a bodice, just a full leotard, similar to Eternal Sailormoon's. The button in the center of her bow is now a Star. Her sleeves are orange and poofy, like Eternal Sailormoon's. After the poofy thingy are 3 orange rings. Her gloves also have three orange rings, but are still white, and they come up just a little above her elbow. Her shoes have been upgraded to white boots with an orange trim with a star in the middle. The "connector" for her skirt is 3 stripes of different shades or orange with a star in the middle. Her skirt is layered, the top orange, the bottom yellow.

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