Kino Makoto is a strong girl who was transferred from many schools for fighting. She is very tall and somewhat tomboyish, but definitely NOT like Haruka. ^^

Although Makoto seems tough and masculine from first glance, she is actually very pretty and has the feminine hobby of cooking. She is a very tidy person and sometimes helps others clean. Makoto lost her parents in an airplane crash and I think she is nice and helpful because she doesn't want to lose what she values most--her friends.

As I said before, Makoto lost both her parents in an airplane crash when she was young. Makoto has been terrified of airplanes ever since, and I doubt she'd ever go on one.

I've heard some rumors around the net that Makoto is gay. I don't think this to be true, even though I don't mind lesbianism (unlike SOME people *glares at SOS*) I think just that sometimes Makoto is lonely and her friends are people she can really lean to. So that's my theory. ^^

In conclusion, I would like to say that I think Makoto is a very groovy senshi (yeah baby! ^^) and that she's cool. Yay. I'm done. Now why don't you go...