Aino Minako is 14 and in 8th grade. She attends Shibakouen Junior High Private School, but transfers to Juuban High (where Usagi (moon), Ami (mercury) and Makoto (jupiter) go) for High School. She is a slightly below average student, whose average grades (in America) would be C's. In Shibakouen, she had a best friend since elementary named Hikaru (manga only). Hikaru looks like Sailormercury's twin. (At least I think so).

Enough School stuff. Minako was the first Senshi to be discovered. Many people think it's Moon, but that's not true. If you think about it, in the first episode of SM, Usagi ("Serena") was drooling over a poster of Sailor-V. Hmm...Sailor-V...Venus? It looked a lot like Minako-Chan too. And it was. Before Minako became Sailorvenus, she was Sailor-V. Artemis, a talking cat who was one of Queen Selenity's advisors, was also reborn on earth to find the Sailorsoldiers, and found Minako one day as she was playing volleyball. She landed on him (poor Artemis!) he also came in on her as she was in the shower to find her (perverted Artemis!) Minako found out about her past, and she became Sailor-V, a crime fighter. (Just a Note: Minako called Artemis a cat Transexual, because Artemis is the name of a goddess)

Later, Luna (Artemis' partner), found the other Inner Senshi (Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter). Those Senshi were in trouble, and that's when Sailor-V decided to appear to save them and join Sailorvenus. The other Sailors at first thought she was kind of rude and self-centered. But she was only acting that way because she had had "Troubles With Love".

In Sailormoon SuperS (4th series), Sailorvenus powers up into Super Sailorvenus, with a different fuku and new, stronger powers. In Sailorstars (5th season), she powers up into her final stage, Star Sailorvenus (Manga only). I love the Star Sailor look.

If you want to learn more about Fuku (outfit) changes, please go to the Fuku section of this page.