Hino Rei is a Shinto priestess with a fiery temper. She is also Sailormars, Senshi of Fire. Rei attends an all-girls private school.

Rei and Usagi are best friends. Although many people say they hate each other, that is what the EVIL dub *barfs 55,000 times* altered. Rei and Usagi are actually very close, so close that they tend to bicker. Usagi looks up to Rei as an older sister, and Rei feels she should protect Usagi, not only because it is her duty, but because she feels Usagi is a little sister.

Rei lives in a large temple with her Grandfather and a man named Yuuichiro (Chad). Her Grandfather is a perverted old man who enjoys flirting with the other Senshi when they are over at Rei's house. Rei doesn't like this and is very embarrassed. Yuuichiro has a crush on Rei, but Rei feels that she needs to hide her affections for him.

Rei is definitly not my favorite Senshi, but I don't hate her. I really like her powers and I think that she's very beautiful in the manga.