In Japan, Seiyuu Means Voice Actor or Actress. Unlike America, Seiyuu can be extremely popular just by doing voices, however in America, they are more likely to be popular through live-action shows. This section is about Rica Fukami, Sailorvenus' Seiyuu.
Rica Fukami was born on August 8th, 1963 in Saitama, Japan. She shares her blood type with Sailorvenus, who is also a B. She is 155 cm. tall and weighs 44 kg. She works for Doujinsha Production. I think she did an excellent job portraying Sailorvenus in voice. She can one minute be a careless school-girl and the next, a determined soldier. I like how she did Venus' voice---high, but not TOO high. It's very pretty and flowing. I think she puts a lot of effort into her work as a seiyuu, which is very good. Without Rica, Sailorvenus wouldn't be the Sailorvenus we all know and love.
The image of Miss Fukami and the info (not opinions) came from Hitoshi Doi's Online Seiyuu Database. Please check it out for more info!

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