Tsukino Usagi is 14 and in 8th grade. She attends Juuban Junior High, and later transfers to Juuban High in the 5th series, Sailorstars, for High School. Usagi is a somewhat ditsy girl, but her heart is pure. She is always willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of others.

Usagi had come home from school one day, miserable that she had gotten a 30% on her test. To her surprise, as she lies down to take a nap, a black cat with a Crescent Moon on it's head jumps in the window…and tells Usagi that she is Sailormoon! Usagi is given a brooch with Magical Powers that allow her to transform. At first, she loathes her duty (think Pretty Sammy), but as time progresses, she becomes a dedicated warrior. Along her quest, she meets new Senshi, and befriends those as well.

Usagi is also the Moon Princess Selenity, and Queen of the Future, Neo-Queen Selenity. She possesses a Crystal called the Ginzuishou, meaning "Silver Crystal". It holds a form of purity and the soul of Usagi. It possesses extreme power, but if taken into the wrong hands, could lead to the destruction of the universe. Since it contains Usagi's soul, use of it can cause her extreme fatigue, and even death.

Sailormoon has many incarnations. Each series, she gets a new brooch, which slightly powers up her strength. With each power-up comes an assortment of wands, items, and accessories.

In the last series, Sailorstars, Sailormoon fought her ultimate battle. All her comrades had been killed, and she and Chibi Chibi, a magical sprite, were the only ones alive. With the power of the Ginzuishou and the aide of Sailorcosmos, Sailormoon's final form, she purified the evil Sailorgalaxia and the world was at peace…finally. Her fellow Senshi were reborn, and all were thankful to Sailormoon for finally bringing peace to the universe.

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